Responsibility vs Restriction

By Keith D. Foote 2/5/2015
Two medical events have made people a little tense these last few weeks, measles and children with three genetic parents. Are vaccinations against measles a responsibility to the community? Should they be mandated? Should there be a law requiring you to get your children immunized? If another child gets measles from yours and dies, do you have any responsibility?

I was six years old in the early 1960s, and measles, german measles, mumps, were all a part of growing up. It was better to get the disease as a child, rather than avoid it and get it as an adult when it became more dangerous. It was a “let nature take its course” philosophy, as opposed to the “control nature” philosophy currently trending. The new philosophy avoids unwanted pregnancies and diseases which can cause permanent damage, and even death. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Some people believe vaccinations at an early age cause autism. That may have been true decades ago, but there is no evidence suggesting it is true today. There is no scientific argument for avoiding vaccination shots (though, in all honesty, I might wait until the child was four years old and firmly developed, because “I don’t trust the experts”).

With no medical reason to avoid vaccinations, and your responsibilities to the community, one could still take a philosophical/religious position, stating vaccinations are against the will of God. This is, however, a weak argument. Taking it to its logical, we should be walking around naked in the middle of winter, seeking shelter under trees and in caves. It’s a nowhere argument made by people who believe emotions are the best tool for making decisions. These are the same people who love politicians that take a stand against “the intellectuals” in the community. (The people who think, rather than react.)

So, if you want to support and protect your community, and the nation, given the way we travel these days, get your children vaccinated (or take your family and go live in a cave).

But what does this have to do with three parents producing the same child. In this case, DNA has been removed and replaced with the 3rd parent’s. The DNA being replaced is faulty, and leads to disease. In this particular case, the genetic disease causes muscle problems, such as the child not being able to lift its head or walk. These ‘parents’ are significantly improving the quality of life of their future child by having these genes replaced. And…. they have taken personal responsibility for removing this disease from the community and humanity.

While there is currently controversy regarding this issue, the opposing camp takes the philosophical/religious position. “Enough is enough. Where do we draw the line. (Well not here, not with the opportunity to eliminate thousands of horrible genetic diseases.) There basic position is, “We shouldn’t be taking control of our reality so thoroughly, we aren’t bright enough to handle the consequences. The people on television making these arguments looked tired, and they may be exhausted by the constant flow of change in technology and medicine.

In the end, vaccinations make our community, and our nation, a safer place. Having three parents as a means of eliminating genetic diseases helps the future of mankind and millions of unborn children.

If you are opposed to vaccinations, and three parent families, I can only guess that you make your decisions by way of emotions and that you are ultimately a self-destructive burden within the community. Grow up and learn how to think. Decide to evolve into a thinking adult, rather than remaining a manipulative adolescent running on emotions.

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