FBI May Focus On A RICO Indictment Against Hillary Clinton

Photo by Chad J. McNeeley via wikipedia

Photo by Chad J. McNeeley via wikipedia

Too speculative for the Bern Report

There is the possibility Hillary Clinton will be indicted. First, the FBI Director, James Comey, is described as a fair-minded Republican, who pushed back against Bush’s wire tapping program. Second, many have assumed she was only being investigated for charges based on the use of a private email server for government communications. However, there have been rumors of a RICO investigation. If investigators found evidence of laundering and bribery, they would be obligated to investigate further.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), is a U.S. Federal Law designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime. RICO focuses on the prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Activities considered racketeering may include money laundering, bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, illegal gambling, murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, slavery, and a number of other illegal business practices.

CNN has reported Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent surrogates, was under a federal investigation The investigation is focused on $120,000 in donations from a Chinese billionaire, named Wang Wenliang, and 100 other donors to both McAuliffe and the Clinton Foundation.

Wang Wenliang is a strong supporter of the Clinton Foundation, and donated $2 million to it in 2013 through his construction business, Rilin Enterprises. Consider the Clinton Foundation and its practices of returning favors to donors in exchange for large donations. Want to buy weapons? Make a really large donation to the Clinton Foundation. Her relationship with the DNC has also provided a potential RICO investigation. Before Hillary Clinton launched the Hillary Victory Fund, an unprecedented fundraising effort with state parties last summer, she promised,

“to rebuild our party from the ground up,” proclaiming “when our state parties are strong, we win. That’s what will happen.”

But of the $61 million raised by that effort, less than 1% has stayed in the state parties’ coffers. 

This is much more serious than the original investigations focus, which was on the Federal Records Act, and requires agencies to hold onto official communications, which includes all work-related emails. Government employees cannot destroy or remove relevant records. Section 1924 of Title 18 states “Knowingly” removing or housing classified information at an “unauthorized location” is subject to a fine or a year in prison. Section 1924 is difficult to prove, because of the “knowingly” part. The RICO act has no such word games.

And, there are a couple of other possible indictments she may face.

  • Obstructions of Justice: Hillary and her aids. Section 1410
  • Obstruction of a criminal investigation. Section 1511
  • Obstruction of state or local law enforcement. Section 1411
  • It’s a class A felony sec.798, to lie under oath.

When under oath, Hillary Clinton told a federal judge she handed over all of her mail to the state department. The Inspector General announced her statement was not true. She also claimed that the department had approved her use of a home PC for the government work. The state department IG announced that this statement was also not true.

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