DNC Manipulation Tactic Blows Up In Their Face

Bernie Sanders’ supporters responded to the DNC’s “recent” outlandish behavior by opening their wallets. The campaign collected more than $1 million by the end of Friday, most of it coming in via the internet. This strong display of support is the result of the DNC trying to “tip the scales” in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign was blocked from accessing the DNC’s voter database, early Friday morning, after a security breach of private data belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign was discovered and reported, by the Sanders’ campaign. This breach was reported immediately. (It’s not the first time the DNC separation of files has simply disappeared, allowing open access to Clinton’s, Sanders, and O’Malley’s information.) Some overzealous campaign staffers did take advantage of the temporary technical glitch to access Clinton’s voter data. The data is maintained by the technology company NGP VAN and owned by the Democratic National Committee. (It was suggested on the Friday News Roundup of the Diane Rehm Show, Clinton’s camp had access to Bernie Sanders info at the same time, and we’re naive to believe Bernie’s info wasn’t accessed.)

The DNC response to Bernie’s report of the breach was to shoot the messenger. The Democratic National Committee decided to cut off Bernie Sanders’ access to his own voter files. This effectively crippled the campaign’s field operation, and Senator Sanders responded by suing the party and accusing its leaders of plotting to hand the presidential nomination to the Democratic frontrunner. There is strong supporting evidence for this accusation.

The DNC has already been accused of limiting the number debates as a way to minimize Ms. Clinton’s exposure and block the general public from getting more information about the other candidates. This tactic prevents free advertising for presidential hopeful, Mr. Sanders, and minimizes the possibility of Ms. Clinton making a public gaff. Per an interview with a committee person/woman wanting to remain anonymous (anonymous quotes are always a little questionable, but the reader should have “all” facts available),

“The party’s female leaders really want to make a woman the next president. I haven’t heard anyone say we should make Hillary undergo a trial by fire. To the contrary, the women in charge seem eager, more and more, to have her skate into the general election.”

The DNC has forgotten about concepts like democracy, and are focused on electing Hillary, regardless of what “we the people” want.

After discovering the sheer volume of backlash from Bernie supporters, the DNC abruptly decided to drop their outlandish, over-the-top behavior, and returned to the Sanders’ campaign access to their own information. They didn’t want their “standard political manipulation tactics” to be the reason Hillary loses. 

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