Keith’s Bio

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Undergoing Reconstruction (Pardon the dust)

Keith was born and raised in the northern woodlands of Michigan at a time when one-room country school houses were still common, until sixth grade. After the parents’ divorce, life got chaotic for a while, but he won 1st prize in a writing contest, 3rd prize in an architectural contest, and graduated from high school.

In his teens, Keith became involved with yoga, martial arts, meditation, mind expansion exercises, and creativity exercises. (And did most of the normal teenage stumbling around as he tried to figure out the world and the people around him, all the while dealing with the normal constant of changing hormone levels.)

AirForceIn Keith’s early 20s, he joined the Air Force and was stationed in West Germany, allowing him to travel Europe by train, and to travel to West and East (Communist) Berlin as part of winning Airman of the Quarter. While in the AirForce, he took and passed a large number Dantes and CLEP tests, and researched Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” and his concept of peak experiences. He also came across Ruth Benedict, and her research on cultural synergy. 

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After getting out of the Air Force (with an honorable discharge), Keith became involved with DreamWeavers Multimedia for five years. He became proficient, both as a camera man and as an editor. During this phase of his life, Mr. Foote rediscovered his gift for writing, developing short scripts and simple business contracts.

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In the recession of 1990, Keith went to South Korea for a year to teach English as a second language. While in South Korea, Keith became interested in anthropology, and began researching Ruth Benedict’s works, expanding his understanding of synergy.

Even though the V formation benefits all of the birds, the bird in the lead position has to work the hardest. When this bird tires, it will drop out of the lead position and fall further back into one of the lines of the V. Another bird from further back will rapidly move forward to take the leading position and maintain the formation. The two birds in the furthest trailing positions also tire more rapidly than those in the middle, so these positions are also rotated frequently to spread the most fatiguing locations throughout the flock. This cyclical rearrangement gives all birds the responsibility of being the leader as well as a chance to enjoy the maximum benefits of being in the middle of the formation. This sense of teamwork comes naturally since even the youngest members of the flock rapidly realize that it takes less work to fly in a V formation than it does to fly alone.                                                         benedict

The V formation is high synergy                                                    Ruth Benedict

After returning, Mr. Foote became a kind of high tech handyman, and wrote his first sci-fi novel, ‘OutReach Investigations’, which sparked questions leading to his second book, ‘The Ultra-Space Field Theory’, a physics book which develops an alternative physics model. His third book, a sci-fi novel titled ‘The Treasure Hunter’s Trek’, was written because Keith enjoys writing science fiction for thinking adults. As the 2007 recession gained momentum, he started writing for O’desk to supplement his income. He also wrote a number of physics papers which are available at

In 2014, after registering at Washtenaw Community College, he tested out on Math and English requirements (making them unnecessary) and attended college full time for a year. Keith Foote received a certification as an HVACR tech with an A average. During the one year program, Keith also took an art appreciation class, which he enjoyed thoroughly. His papers were complimented, providing encouragement for his decision to continue pursuing the online writing career he had started a few years earlier. Feedback from clients (and payments) supported his choice to continue a writing career. (The HVACR career never panned out. Possibly ageism.)

yoga-journal-urdhva-dhanurasana               bruceflying                yoga-plough-pose-halasana

Keith became involved with martial arts and yoga when he was fifteen, and dance classes when he was twenty-one (initially to meet women, and then, because he enjoyed the classes).

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Resume of Keith D. Foote

Research & Writing Specialist 




Honest and accurate research. Writing styles range from the formal encyclopedia format to an artistically choreographed work. Fiction writing techniques which do not distort the information, but make the work a more interesting read, can be incorporated.


~’The Ultra-Space Field Theory’ © 2006: A 252 page nonfiction treatise, with several illustrations, describing and translating quantum physics and cosmology using a ‘pure’ field a theory paradigm.

~’The Treasure Hunter’s Trek © 2012: A sci-fi novel about space exploration by the survivors of a science-religion war. ‘

~’OutReach Investigations’ © 2001: A science fiction novel using a private detective from Mars as the main character. Cloning is explored as a moral dilemma.

Articles & Papers (The End Result of Research and Writing)

~ A large number of Physics Papers (available @, including titles such as: ‘The Probable Evolution of Black Holes, Galactic Cores, & Quasars’/ ‘The Big Bang Model Is Coming Apart At The Seams’. . ~A variety of e-zine articles, primarily on business, politics, science, and science history. ~ Additional writing samples are available at:

Teaching, Presentation Experience, Special Interests
~ Wrote for Quesbook.
~ Wrote for O’Desk.
~ Experience with Search Engine Optimization and Infographics.
~ Lived in South Korea for one year teaching English as a second language.                           ~ Lived in West Germany for two years as an electrician for the U.S. Force.                             ~ Ozone House counselor and trainer for empathic counseling.                                                 ~ Video taped and edited projects for DreamWeavers Multimedia Productions.
~ Worked with and trained four ‘home repair’ apprentices.
~ Dance, yoga, martial arts, nutrition, and physical training.
~ Meditation, developing creativity, philosophy, alternative mindsets.                                     ~ Religion, and spirituality.
~ History, electronics, patents, crime scene investigations, RNA/DNA.                                   ~ Weather and climate.
~ Anthropology, modern cultures, impact of the internet.                                                            ~ Business philosophies and their impact.                                                                                       ~ Politics, the Republican and Democratic parties.                                                                          ~ Environment and pollution, global warming.                                                                               ~ Romantic relationships, lovemaking techniques, friendship, enemies, passion, and bonding.


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