I describe myself as a choreographer of the written word, coordinating paragraphs and phrases to create “interesting” articles, reports, and stories. Thorough research and creative writing skills are used to produce articles and papers with high quality content. Giving the audience a “good read” and providing them with insights and knowledge are the ultimate goals.

My writing styles range from formal encyclopedic to friendly and descriptive to subtly critical and snarky. I always try to write with a sense of flow and, at times, I use fiction writing techniques to keep a nonfiction work interesting (without distorting the information). So there’s no confusion, my nonfiction works are designed to keep the reader’s interest, but they are still accurate. (Check out the samples listed below the photos.)

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My focus is on the research and writing of articles covering science, education, business, politics, and technology. I have written content and articles for Quesbook Hongkong Limited (science articles), Liberal America and the Bern Report (political articles), and Alt.Energy.org (alternative electrical heating, hydrogen cars, windpower, and the Hyperloop).

I am currently writing part time for Dataversity, and have authored two sci-fi novels (‘The Treasure Hunter’s Trek’ and ‘OutReach Investigations’), a nonfiction physics book and papers (‘The Ultra-Space Field Theory‘), and have been contracted to ghostwrite Amish romance stories and science fiction backgrounds. I have also written a large number of freelance e-zine articles.


  • Strong management skills (goal setting, team building, focus, empathy/listening).
  • Helpful- Willing to sub (covered for a new Mom for a month) and certainly willing to share ideas.
  • Responsible- Comfortable working independently and rarely miss a deadline. (Haven’t missed one yet.)
  • Skilled at translating complicated material into easy to understand documents.
  • Strong physics, science, and technology background.
  • A good understanding of data science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and SEO.
  • Mature, honest, and professional.


For basic creative writing, the cost is $100 per 1000 words. (10 cents per word or roughly $33 per hour)



Experience and Interests

I have experience and interests in the following: Wrote, video taped, and edited projects for DreamWeavers Multimedia Productions. ~Lived in South Korea for one year teaching English as a second language.
 ~ Lived in West Germany for two years as an electrician for the U.S. Force. 
~ Ozone House counselor and trainer for empathic counseling. 
~ Worked with and trained four ‘home repair’ apprentices. ~ Dance, yoga, martial arts, nutrition, and physical training. 
~ Meditation, developing creativity, philosophy, alternative mindsets, religion and spirituality. 
~ History, electronics, patents, crime scene investigations, RNA/DNA, weather and climate. 
~ Anthropology, modern cultures, impact of the internet, business philosophies and their impact.
~ Politics, the Republican and Democratic parties, environment and pollution, global warming. ~ Romantic relationships, lovemaking techniques, friendship, enemies, passion, emotions, and bonding. (Yes, I’ve been around for a while.)


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